Modified Query - Can a central government employee avail LTC twice in a year under any circumstances?
Original Query – I have joined in Nov 2008 and haven't availed any LTC. Now, can I avail LTC to Home Town two times in a year in 2012 ? (Rajesh Kumar, Field Ordance Depot)

Reply – A central government employee becomes eligible for LTC after one year of joining and can avail LTC for the block period available after the period of one year. Thus, a central government employee who has joined during 2010 can avail LTC in the year 2011 for the block of 2010-11. However, a central government employee who has joined during 2011 can not avail LTC for the block of 2010-11, but can avail LTC for the next block, i.e. 2012-13. Further, Rule – 10 of the CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 permits the central government employees to carry forward the un-availed LTC for any block to the first year of the next block. Thus, a central government employee who is eligible for LTC for the block of 2010-11 but has not availed the same can avail it during 2012 as carried forward LTC. It may be noted here that the said employee can also avail another LTC during 2012 for the block of 2012-13. Thus, it is very much possible to avail LTC twice during a single year. However, such a situation is technically possible only during the first year of any block.

Accordingly, as you have joined in 2008 and have not availed any LTC till date, you can avail LTC twice in 2012 – one for 2010-11 (carried forward) and one for 2012-13.



28/05/2012 09:58

I had visited NER by converting my HT LTC in 2010(2006-09 block yr). Again I want to visit to NER by All India LTC by AIR from my place (hyderabad), My GP is 4600/- Gr.B Officer. Kindly clarify that whether I can visit to NER by AIR

16/08/2012 17:28

as per as my knowledge for new recruitees into central government can't carry forward their LTC, because they are eligible to avail LTC every year for initial 8 years.
please clarify this.

29/11/2013 11:33

Employees joined under NPS CANT CARRY FWD THE BLOCK YEAR for LTC.

In case of NPS employees it is LTC for Calendar year, whereas for other catefory of employees it is block year.

It is called calendar year coz u can avail it every year.

26/04/2013 15:15

I joined govt job first time in april 2012.How can i take the benefit of LTC. how much and what time I can take LTC.What will be the Bloch year for me.


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